Friday, June 08, 2007

I Was Going to Title This One Yellow

Because that was the color of my car this morning.

I understand that it is still 14 days until it's "officially" summer and all, but people! Or should I say TREES! Stop with the pollen producing already! My head is so ready to explode that I am strongly considering stopping at the "Discount Gun Store" on Lake City Way and seeing if I can help it out from the outside.

The stuff gets EVERYWHERE...and it is STICKY. My lungs hurt so badly right now. And yes, eeeeeuuuuuuwww I can feel it in my lungs! That is just so very wrong in so very many different ways.

I thought nothing could be worse. I really did.
Then I found something that is:
Writing a cover letter.

It is official. I am Cover Letter challenged.

I hateses them with every pollen-clogged-pore in my being. Seeing as I am surrounded, literally, by files that contain ten million applications, with said cover letters, (I did mention I'm temping at an HR department this time around?) you'd think I'd be able to just become instantly inspired to create a valid one of my own, right? RIGHT!? WRONG.

Has everyone but me read The Shipping News? I'm on the first part just as he's getting on the boat to Nova Scotia or wherever. But you know how he was a reporter for that guy Punch, or whoever, and no matter how many times the copy editor dude slashes and burns his stories and tells him to add moxy or whatnot (can you tell the sudafed has started to kick in?) and he nods like he knows what all that advice means and stuff? But really? REALLY? He has no clue?

Right. That would be me and the sea of cover letters.
But I need one. Not necessarily today, but the job I'm applying for closes on Monday, and I'm taking my computer down today, so scratch that...NECESSARILY today it is. Urgh...HATE.

Okay, break's over, back to the grind...


Bezzie said...

I feel my cover letters suck too. But they have landed me how many freaking jobs now.

I'm with you on the pollen. We just finished our pollen season. Thank god. I have no allergies but trying to sleep with someone who can't sleep because of his allergies and having to deal with his crankiness--it's contageous.

Beth said...

In my last cover letter (many moons ago), I tried to sound excited. I heard later that I came across as being desperate. Oh well...