Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It Could Have Been Me

I know I don't have the widest readership in America, but go read Scout's post.
Or go straight the the article that has me shaking in frustration: here.

It's left a horrid taste in my mouth. How easily it could have been me if the the situation had been just marginally different. I had 5, FIVE (!) infected PCs come into my classroom when I took over the Yearbook class when I taught on the VERY conservative Big Island. The first one started throwing fits AFTER SCHOOL...I never realized just how thankful I should have been then.

Isn't it just hilarious I've found this article when I'm trying to get my head around renewing my teaching credential? Coincidence? Urgh.

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Karoli said...

It's outrageous, isn't it? And you're not alone -- there are many teachers who have expressed exactly the same sentiments.

I'm planning to write more on my blog about this today, but here's something that I couldn't believe: My son, a high school senior, came home yesterday telling me about how his computer geek buddy hacked the school district computers. How? Well, they had Windows 98 and an old, unsupported firewall system. GAWD. It can happen to ANYONE!