Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Think I've Figured it OUT! Or it's the Sudafed Talking...

Happy dreary, rainy, poopy weather Saturday.
I know, I live in Seattle, I should be used to the crappy weather, right?

Well, I've finally figured it out. I had an Epiphany about this weather thing! Really! Here's the deal boys and girls, Seattle is just like Tahoe in this one big respect: It is a rare day when it is not craptastic for weather ON THE WEEKENDS.

Really. The ladies at the library would joke about the built-in "tourist control" that Kings Beach/North Lake Tahoe had in Mother Nature. People did not flock up to us in the droves that South Lake Tahoe has to deal with because, well, 9 times out of 10, the weather sucked the big one on the weekends. We all laughed, and laughed mightily at times. Here we were in the prettiest place in the world for mountain/lake living, and everyone felt sorry for us and our foul weather.

Moving along 800 miles north to my new home...did the weather follow me? People come to visit Seattle/the PNW on weekends get that rainy Seattle impression. They must! Because really, rain? Not so much. Dreary? Well, that's another story.

I wouldn't mind the rain/foul weather so much if I had the same kind of hours/schedule as I did in Kings Beach. I worked most Saturdays and had most of my days off during the week. But having a 9-5 (well, 7:40-4:10 ish), Monday thru Friday gig is putting a cramp in my getting to enjoy the nice weather we see through the wall of windows at the "tower", during the week.

I'm not saying it doesn't get poopy out there Monday thru Friday or anything, cuz it does. But it's almost guaranteed to be 70-90% chance of hell on earth by Friday night/Saturday on the weather page.

I'm in a foul mood as the weather is also messing with my sinuses and I'm fighting the good fight...and losing, big time. I've had the same throbbing headache since yesterday morning. Crunching numbers when your sinuses are threatening to explode does not make for a happy camper--I mean Accounts Payable Coordinator. I should use my title for what little time I have left. (They say "first week or so of April" now. I say end of March for the accounting department. This will put a crimp on the monetary plans for Italy...I did have plans for those paychecks...oh well.)

Enjoy your weather everyone!

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more cowbell said...

Girl! greetings from a fellow transplant --- still adjusting after 3 years. Yes, it is gorgeous here. (and, the requisite "but...") Here's my take on the Seattle weather:

Daylight Savings comes early this year. For the first time in my life, I can't wait to "spring forward" and lose that hour of sleep.