Friday, November 03, 2006

My Mother? I'll Tell Ya About My Mother...

-Leon, Blade Runner
The interview yesterday went about as well as that one...well, the first one anyway. 
Well, okay, I didn't blow her away from under the desk with my hand laser revolver or anything, nor am I a replicant, that I know of, but I might as well have been as aware of what was going on with the interviewer as ol' Leon.
She "broke the ice" by talking about sailing.  However, it wasn't until she was pointedly ready to move on to the real questions that I realized she was not on the same side as I on the whole sailing/motoring fence.  Oops.
Then there were the questions, where the goal was to only speak about my current position.  That was distressing.  I mean, really when I'm trying to answer something about the "most fulfilling thing" I've done here?  Ummmm, I'm a temporary receptionist. (Sigh.)
Interviewer #2 just jumped into the questions and I was happy to oblige with answers.  After realizing I had more library experience than the two listed in front, he was happy to hear about all of them.  Our connection/ice breaker happened sometime during the questions when he realized I went to high school across the street from his university.  Small town feeling even in the megalopolis I grew up in.
It's about as rainy and dreary as the setting for Blade Runner so I've opted to wait on pictures until it's not so wet that my camera will drown.  And it really is such a lovely feeling to turn the key in the ignition and not have the "will it start today" feeling.  Or rev the engine on the freeway and not wonder if the timing chain will decide now is the time to kill all the humans...
Ah the little things.
Happy Friday!


Beth said...

Bladerunner is a great movie.

I strongly dislike interviewing (both sides of it) and I don't envy you having to do it. I hope you soon find a permanent job that you like.

Anonymous said...

The rolla always starts. Always.

Tactless Wonder said...

"The rolla always starts. Always."
Yes, Andy, what about the other day when you said it didn't want to??? I don't think that word means what you think it means.