Thursday, November 23, 2006

1 Year + 1 Day, and a Turkey


So it seems yesterday was my 1 year bloggiversary. See how bad I am
with the dates? Even I didn't remember. Good one, me.

Anywho, today is Turkey day. I'm supposed to whip up dinner so I
best get at it. I'm making green beans for the first time in my
life. Yes, I do this, I experiment with cooking on big occasions.
No biggie, if I flop there's always a plan B. Just what that would
be tonight, I'm not at all sure. I got desert covered...there was
some punk-in pie bakery happening last night. You know, to celebrate
the bloggiversary, yes, that's it. See, I didn't forget, nope, not
me :).

Thanks for reading! Happy T-Day to everyone.


Bezzie said...

But of course! Pumpkin pie is traditional for 1st bloggiversaries. Next year is anchovie pizza--or possibly crystal, I could be confusing the two.

Happy Turkey day to you too!

Beth said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day was great and your green beans delicious.

ellie said...

Happy Blogiversary/Thanksgiving.