Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kiwi Animated Video

I was shown this a while ago and would like to share it.

But I'm not all that good at embedding YouTube videos so it's here in case all you see is a blank spot up above :).

And it's snowing. It's 80-cajillion degrees in Los Angeles, according to my father, but it's snowing in Seattle. Well, people from the Great White North would laugh at what I'm calling "snowing" and "snow." Heck, had I lived longer in Tahoe, I too would be scoffing. But I'm cold and there's crunchy white stuff on the ground that looks kinda like the fake snow on the xmas tree at the mall, and more is falling...well in fits and starts.


Bezzie said...

I remember Juneau snow. I always thought of Juneau as "upper Seattle" anyway...thick wet snow that never stuck around. I'd still trade it for this heat any day!

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