Thursday, September 07, 2006

Short Weeks Throw Me Off...

Wading through heavy traffic does not help the situation.

School started.
Did you notice?
I did. My commute just lengthened by 10 minutes. Each way. No, I'm not dropping off any Tactless-minis on the way to and from my drudgery. I simply get to endure that many more people on the road at the same time I am. Honestly, if they stagger "start" times for jobs so as not to have 10 million people on the road at the same time, why don't they take schools into the same kind of consideration? What good is it to start work at 9 or 10 AM (I wish) if these people are out on the road at 7AM, along with us working stiffs, so as to get junior to class on time? Someone forgot to take their logic pill that morning.

Either I'm running a slight fever or the drive home put too much sun on my face...either way I need to go have a lie down.

Peace out!


Beth said...

Oh yes, I noticed that school started! :) Hope you don't have a fever.

Bezzie said...

Excellent point. Why *don't* they stagger start times for working schmoes like us???

Add in a college (or colleges) and you multiply the traffic. Suck.