Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Under the 10 Day Mark...

Gah! I swear I posted more when I was traveling!

Okay, week + in review bullet-point style:

- I tried to go shoe shopping again...when will I just give up and admit defeat? All I want is some cute black shoes that I can wear with jeans OR slacks and I'm asking for too much I know, I shall slink away now. And can someone tell me A) When did I opt for brands my mom adores (i.e. Hush Puppies, Naturalizers, little old lady shoes?) and B) my kingdom for cinderella feet... and maybe c) where did all the real non-department store-shoe stores of my youth go?

- I was thisclose to quitting on Monday. I'll only fill you in if nothing happens after all our talks and meetings and more meetings... for I will need ranting space to keep my blood pressure in check.

- Point two would be why I worked 10 hour days beginning on Thursday and THROUGH the weekend and just wasn't in the mood to sit in front of a computer in my free time. So I'm still here...and I can actually stand to sit in front of a screen cuz...

- Last Wednesday I had my eyes I received my new glasses. Yes, new frames twice in two years. No, it wasn't just cuz I now have insurance and wanted something to placate my inability to have new cute's something much grosser, and yes, I will share:

- Remember how I said I don't have acid coming off my feet/why are my socks falling apart (it's my Vans...hence the desire for new shoes, btw)? WELL...apparently among all my natural superpowers I also have the ability to corrode metal via the tops of my ears...or maybe I was possibly exerting too much energy/effort/it's called sweating people during the summer/sunny months and the finish on the ear pieces was maybe not so good and yep...CORRODED. Yes this grosses me out like you have no idea. Yes, this also explains why for the last few weeks the tops of my ears felt kinda itchy and not right.


- Moving glasses means I can actually make out your facial details down the hall/street/while driving! This is good now that we are in "All Summer In A Day" land and we're all desperate to make that eye contact so we don't kill/be killed while trying to get to work/home/the market.

- In order to avoid a George-Costanza-at-the-eye-doctor moment I made Andy come with me...that and the fact that I was not hopping a bus to/from the eye doctor made me in need of a ride. You do not want me driving when I can ONLY see far far away out of one eye (i.e. dilated). So while fully BLIND (don't you love that? Andy does not wear glasses and could not believe this is the practice of 99% of the eye doctors out there) I picked out/had Andy help me pick out glasses that actually fit and if not totally and completely, pretty much mimic my last pair, but maybe a little more cat-eyed and definitely brown instead of burgundy. Yeah, someday I'll take a picture but I'm still getting used to them and the idea of trying to take a picture and focus my eyes makes me want to hurk. (My prescription didn't change much, but with my eyes being as messed up as they are? Near-sited as well as far-sited? A little goes a long way. The doctor had a field day pulling out all sorts of tests and writing out all sorts of notes and having me look through prisms and doo dads and gee gaws...It's not everyday a case like mine comes up to Lake Forest Park, oh no... Though it does make me feel special, I would not curse my worst enemy with my eyes.)

- I really need to start getting ready for my trip down to LA...did I mention this? Week before the week of turkey day, clear your calendars! More on why I don't visit relatives during high holidays later, right now I think it's time to put my very tired eyes to bed.


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, George Costanza...what, you didn't want old lady frames? (to match your affinity for old lady shoes? ;-) )

Rick Andreoli said...

Corroding sweat? I think that's a new mutant power.

tana said...

Wow - you've had a lot going on! I'm sorry your job is sucking toenails right now and that you found out your body eats metal and dissolves handmade socks. What a total bummer. At least you have a trip to LA to look forward to.

Paul said...

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