Friday, October 31, 2008

I Coulda Been an Awesome Manager...

Were it not for the fact that I hate people and just really want to sit in my office and do my work and not talk to anyone cuz the excitement and the thrill and the energy wipe me out before 10:30 AM...

Hi. You know that old proverb, "Be careful what you wish for?"

Not only did "Ding dong the witch is dead" run through my head on Thursday the moment I was told I would no longer have to deal with the un-deal-able any longer...but so did that little proverb, as I would no longer have to deal with the aforementioned starting yesterday...or more to the fact, starting last Friday at 11 AM...which was the last time said problem was in the office.

I think I need to notate the different stages of my manic nature...

When I first was told on Monday that I would be the representation of Accounts Payable until the real A/P guy came back from vacay, and/or trouble would return after her need for personal/emotional space, I personified the R.E.M. "I am Super, Man" song and went with the flow.

I have to say I love my department. Almost immediately people jumped in to help. Which was a very good thing because though I know HOW to cry uncle...I have a very bad habit of waiting until my arm has been twisted out of its socket and the pain has elevated me into a new state of consciousness.

Come Wednesday when we were all taking bets that I'd be all by myself for the rest of the week...I developed that headache that won't go away and is rather pressure/stress related and I was hoping maybe a physical change in pressure (rain was coming...) would make it go away...anything, god help me... It became PAINFULLY obvious to everyone around me that I could not do the job of three people even though I kept saying I was fine...maybe it was the extra gloss in my eyes? The pitch of my voice? The literal running around I did to keep up with the flow of paper? So I gave in and delegated jobs and organized and gave mini-lessons in procedure and did not keel over.

Thursday...yeah...I would have won lots of money.

Sometime near 3PM I lost it. The announcement had been made official and I no longer had a light at the end of the tunnel, cuz really, though I said I doubted her return on Wednesday, there was still that tiny bit of hope...I am a positive person after all...deep, deep, deeeeeep down.

I still have to go downstairs and apologize to the people I let it all out on...I honestly could not tell you what I said because my brain and my mouth were no longer on speaking terms...but it was some kind of cathartic because after that? After I got it all out and made it official that I was not going to keep things flowing as three people working full time in an already over-worked A/P office...the day got much better. It is amazing.

And this morning I was given the responsibility of coordinating next week...cuz you know, that is so very easy to do given it is Friday and Monday seems so very far away. Plenty of time to organize everyone AND get my work done, right? Right? Ri-i-i-i-ight.

Um, how did it get to be 11AM already? My list? you know that one I need to have all crossed off before the end of the month/week/day? Not touched...and I am supposed to leave early cuz you know, we don't want to add any more overtime to my already bulging time sheet...(well, management doesn't at any rate...I've got bills to pay...).

(Deeeeep, cleansing, breath....)

Oh well, there really is only so much I can do. It's not defeat, just admitting my own humanity.

And I have a picture to share, but it's at later.

Happy Halloween!

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Bezzie said...

Push out the jive, bring in the love! But I can sympathize, I hate delegating and think I can do it all til it bites me in the butt!