Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time Enough to Knit Another One

It's been a super long while since I knit anything with yarn thicker than the tooth floss I usually use for socks...so um, maybe it's my impatience? Maybe it's the thickness of the yarn? (bulky) But um, in all seriousness? Just how long DOES it take to DRY a couple of wool hats?
You know, for kids?

These are hopefully soon (you know, once they're dry?) on their way to Okay! What's Next??'s Katy for her trip to the Ukraine in September. All the details are on her blog on the side bar-place/thingy.

It's actually not too late to make a hat for her to receive by Sept. 6th, you know you can do it! If my glacial speed is able to bust a hat out during the latest Olympic blah, blah, blah, I'll bet you can knit 7!

It's the drying that might make you miss the deadline though, SHEESH...hmmm, they are superwash, maybe I'll stick them in the dryer?

The specs:
* Pattern...um winged the bottom one. Got the basics from that Knit Hats! book I got a million years ago. Cast on 64 and GO! The bottom one has one of those purl rows to make the hem bend/fold, and I "basted" it as I knit/went because I hate finishing things...as is evidenced by my lack of showing you a pair of socks that still need grafting and Andy's latest hat that still needs ends woven in. I suppose I require deadlines, cuz yeah, I'm just as shocked as you are that there are two finished hats STILL NOT DRY almost ready to be mailed.

* The yarn is Brown Sheep superwash bulky in Pine something...(obviously really good at losing labels around here, it's a gift.)

* Needles: US 10.5 for the top guy, US 10 for he whose folded over hem WILL NOT DRY.

I'm going to blame the humidity. Just a bit ago I checked and as my mom would say, "We're all square!" 64 degrees and 64% humidity. It's been like that all day! 80 degrees with matching humidity is what I biked home in. Although at just about the time I got to the scary place where I have to cross the railroad tracks...TWICE? It became 100% humidity. Yep, rain, in August. Mother Nature hates me.

And about my new toy:

If I have not called you it's because my snazzy new phone (more copper than orange, but pretty nonetheless) is too new to mind meld with my ancient old phone. What this means is that I have to MANUALLY add your # to my cell. Yep, that there is a whole bunch of no fun.

But it's a working phone, so call me and I will cheat and save your number that way :).

And about the drudgery that pays for all this:

We are in the middle of getting all the right bits and pieces together to close out the month, so if you don't hear from me for a few more days...it's cuz I'm drowning in paper. SAVE ME. Bring expensive wine and/or really sweet fru fru drinks...it looks like I'm not allergic to either! I sense a vicious circle brewing here...work harder so I can make enough money to buy the expensive wine, so I can work harder so I can...eeep.

I'm going to bed now.


Bezzie said...

Oh I really like that second hat!!!

Olga said...

wow. No wonder you can't work your phone, I don't think I could figger out how to open it!! I was gonna upgrade my phone for the chocolate one, but after seeing my husbands -naaaaw. It's too high tec. I need very low tec so I won't go ballistic with frustration.

Birdsong said...

i like that second hat too... great stripes and texture. I have been going through a bit of a learning curve with my new phone, and my last upgrade was only two years ago... it will probably be good in the end, but the middle part's a bit rough.