Monday, August 25, 2008


- Granny Weatherwax
And I've even had a number of bloggable adventures...
It's just that...yeah, not really in the mood to sit in front of the computer at home instead I'm emailing my blog...cuz at least I'm sorta kinda answering email every once in a long while...
I wish I could blame the awesome weather!  But it was pouring buckets last night.
I think I shall blame the Olympics.  Yep.  I've been watching... as addicted to the spectacle as anyone else.  Still rather annoyed about some of the sports and rules and such (professional athletes?!?  diabolical "point" systems for diving??!!??); but watching a race is still watching a race.
And now that it's over I can pull myself away from the tee vee...
Oh yeah, we found out we have tee vee.
I might have mentioned the big box in the living room is also known as the DVD/video game player?  As in it's connected to the mac-mini and the play-station and Andy and I will fight it out to see if we're watching something from HULU, Netflix, or if he's playing some silly shoot-em-up video game but no hablo network tv?
So I might have dug out a co-axially-looking cable that had the right connection to be an antenna so I could watch me a scratchy/static-filled PBS presentation when nothing else fit the bill.
Right, for the opening ceremonies?  I thought, sure, why not.  And plopped myself in front for some snowy entertainment.
Then we were bombarded by all the "Are you so lame that you still watch TEE VEE using an antenna?" commercials.  Well, won't it suck for me come next February, etc. et. al.
That's when Andy wondered if his 2 year-old viewing machine was DTV compatible and what all we'd turns out we just had to plug that piece of wire into the digital antenna port that was just behind the one I'd plugged it into. 
Fer serious.
We've been watching snow and static and a little "Sound of Music" for YEARS now, and all this time...
Eh, it's best with didn't know.  I mean, well, yeah, I was able to knit me an entire sock (picture coming) and all, but really, the boob-tube is not a misnomer.  It's bad enough how much a time-suck computers are...speaking of which...I'm going to go eat my lunch now.
And Happy Birthday, Karin, wherever you might be.

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Bezzie said...

My parents were so psyched to get more than one channel with that conversion doohickey. No more going outside to point the antenna on the roof towards the mountain to get CBS!