Friday, August 15, 2008

After the Adrenaline Rush...

You know that "pumped up" feeling that happens after a close call? Well I'm on the downward spiral of it and I could so take a nap.

I need to figure out a way to safely chronicle my journeys to and from work for you all...I can't remember all of these things and pictures would not be all that awesome...see bullet point #2.

Seriously, this week:

- Almost ran over a fellow who was standing in the middle of the trail happily eating the blackberries he'd just picked (they are everywhere, the wild blackberries with their thorns and juicy fruit falling off the vines...well, and the people, transients mainly, standing happily by the bushes AND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIKE TRAILS, enjoying a snack).

- Poo, on the bike trail. I'm still not wholly convinced it was pet-related...see first bullet point.

- 2 runners with ear-buds firmly embedded in their brains almost felt what it'd be like to have my handlebars in their sternums...Really, it's one thing to hit someone who is running in the same direction as you're riding (you know, you've yelled out "on your left" only to see the tell-tale headphone cord or mp3 device strapped onto their arm and just as you are about to pass them they veer right (err, left) into your path? Yup, I've had 3 of them in the last two weeks. They are so lucky I have quick reflexes and good brakes.) but yeah, if you are running towards me? Why do you think I'm going to get out of YOUR way if I'm already on the right-hand side of the BIKE trail? Color me silly, but if you're going to use the bike trail, PAY ATTENTION and be aware that the bikes are following those silly US rules of the road (for the most part) and sticking to the right side of the trail, maybe you should be on that side too? Hmm, maybe they were European?

- I already mentioned the 3 runners I almost blindsided...or nearly blindsided me, so we'll skip this one.

- One fellow, I kid you not, just outside the gates of the Adobe building, you know, just before that big blind curve? Lying ON the bike trail, with suitcase and newspaper, READING. I was so incredulous I could not make out what was in front of me. I thought, "oh, gardener and that's the um, blower pack-thingie." Then as I got closer, just before the curve? Yep, that is a suitcase. Yup, those are knees. Yup, that is a newspaper. My god, he is on his back, did he fall? Nope, just reading. Hi, there is a comfy bit of GRASS just five feet to your right, what is wrong with you?!?!?

- And juvenile bicyclists who do not know what side of the bike trail to ride on should not be there unaccompanied. I hate yelling at kids but I did, and it did not make me feel good or empowered, just frightened for their lives, cuz you know what? I am a lackadaisical rider compared to the uber-bikers on the Burke Gilman trail with their matchy matchy outfits and tricked out road-bikes that cost more than my car.

- This morning's adrenaline rush was thanks to the trucker that decided not to obey that silly stop sign just past the cement factory. I don't bike all that fast, but um, it is amazing what bursts of speed I can get up to when I notice that a huge moving-van style truck is NOT slowing down and I will not be able to brake in time.

So now I am eating too much sugar (yey left-over brownies and cookies from yesterday's company picnic), and trying to stay awake.

Happy Friday!


tana said...

This is why I don't exercise. See???? Because, I COULD KILL SOMEONE!

:) Matchy matchy outfits. Hee. And yeah, while we're at it, how about not using ear buds when you're walking in the city, crossing streets, basically ignoring everything and everyone around you. Dood, this is not the time to zone out and daydream about your rocker self. Save that for the bathroom. Please.

Beth said...

Someone was actually lying in the bike path?!