Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Weather & Blog Thoughts

The thing about a blog is that once you start, you gotta keep at it, the more often you post the better. It kinda reminds me of my friends in Sayulita, Nayarit (Mexico). One is a retired ESL teacher (my 8th grade equivalent at the middle school where we both taught), the other a retired Principal (notice how I subconsciously capitalized that title as I go back and, shock shock, proof-read my post). They built a beautiful three-story house to wile away the retirement years. To pass the time/keep busy, they opened a breakfast joint. (Rollie’s. Go. Eat! Yum!) Little did they realize that to make a business prosper you have to give it your 110%, but these were retired educators and to be good at “learning up the future” you have to give it more than your all, so they got right into it. You have to be open 7 days a week, every morning ready for the clientele. It’s make or break, since most people are creatures of habit; you hook them the first day and they will return every day of their vacation and maybe come back the next time they’re in town.

So it is with this whole blogging thing. I know, I blogstalk. If your blog doesn’t change from day-to-day, or at least every two-three days, I’m gone, poof, you lost me. There are, after all, 10-zillion blogs out there to explore. So now, day 2, feeling kinda out of it, here I am typing away, and not sure if it’s to keep my “clientele” or to get into the habit of posting so that I actually DO IT. Use it or lose it…Happily Thanksgiving is tomorrow so everyone will be out of town and I can take a day or three off.

Yeah, not feeling too well tonight. The day started with a headache, behind the eye kind. Pill popper that I am (better living through chemistry), neither aspirin, a Pepsi, nor non-drying Sudafed (my first shot at taking these) did the trick. I went for the name brand Advil a couple hours ago, as my head was about to EXPLODE. Fun on a stick. I feel like grampa…I’d say gramma, but it’s always “grampa” who says, “Oh, the lumbago, the weather’s changing….” Who needs a barometer when I have my head? Forecast is calling for snow on Friday. Pressure’s building, just ask my eyeballs.

This will be my first winter in Tahoe. Heck, let’s face it, this will be my first winter, EVER. I grew up in L.A., 10 minutes east of downtown (more like 30 now-a-days). It was the land of 70-degree winters, brrrr. I thought I’d finally found seasons when I moved up to Santa Cruz for school. There were really cold days and RAIN for like a month at a time! Right. Then I spent 4 years in the tropics, two in (mostly southern) Mexico on a 32’ sailboat (more on that another day) and 2 in Hawai’i. Winter? No hablo winter. I moved from Hilo, Hawai’i to Kings Beach, California back in February. There was all this “white sand” all over the place! Only it was cold and wet white sand. My friends said they call it SNOW. So even though I trudged through miles of it, shoveled more than my share of it, rode through it (god forbid I DRIVE through it), sunk all the way down to my thighs in it, snow from February THROUGH the first weeks of June does not a winter make. I don’t want to sound like that horrid email joke of the journal of the lady who moves to Alaska: Day one, it snowed, I love it! To Day 25: it snowed, I’m moving…but I really and truly am excited to experience winter for the first time in my…life. If my brain doesn’t leak out of my ears from the pressure, I may see some white stuff on the ground by the weekend! I’m tickled!

So…putting off my Harry Potter review until later. I’ll say this much, I liked it, a lot. And coming soon, I'm learning about uploading pictures...more hooks :).

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