Tuesday, November 22, 2005

1st Post

No catchy title for the first post, later. I keep typing this over and over, I'm starting to feel like Gorge Lopez, "later, later?" Yeah that's it.

I'm guessing so very few people will actually read this that it may prompt me to write more than I have been in my journal lately. What a weird route to immortality, type your life away so it'll be somewhere on the NET. My 15 thousand minutes of fame...well, that is, if someone finds my blog.

Eeep, okay, so short and sweet, cuz as my friend Richard would say, "ho gotta eat!" Or something similar...the masses await at the library! Woo hoo!

And like a numbnut, HI ALFRED! HI MAYRA! HI RICHARD! HI ANDY! (Picture me in the newscamera background waving like an idiot. Yup, that's me...) Lookie me! I have a blog! Aren't I cool just like EVERYONE ELSE...okay, I'll stop now.

1 comment:

Rick Andreoli said...

I'm so excited for you that I could pee! Now where's that story stuff you were supposed to be working on with me? We're going to make you famous, I tell you, FAMOUS! (sigh) Well, maybe not famous. But fabulous?

Thanks for mentioning me in your first blog. When you have more material I will send oodles of people your way. xoxo