Monday, November 28, 2005

Group W Bench

Today has an isolated feeling. Like I've done something "not right" and am off in the "special room" awaiting the final response to something I didn't even know I'd done. Ever have that feeling?

It's my day off, and I have to keep reminding myself that, it's perfectly okay for me to still be in my pjs emailing, blog-stalking, knitting, & watching the neighbor's dogs playing IN THE SNOW!

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, and anyone else who doesn't fit either category, the white stuff is finally coming down. I'll have pictures later today, promise.

Oh, aside from stalking I've also been quiz-taking:
Elf - you are mystical, magical, and graceful
What mythical creature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sure, we can pretend I'm six feet tall, skinny, graceful---y'all will laugh now, but someday...umm, except for the 6' tall bit, there will be no "GATTICA" alterations here :).

2:59PM PST
Where did the day go?
So, I'm officially on Andy's car insurance, which is a good thing, as I'm taking his car to work tomorrow. I don't usually drive to work, but I'm splitting my time between two branches of the Placer County Library System as of tomorrow. Yes, the day AFTER the first real snow. To the left here is the view out my bedroom window. There used to be dirt and rocks there, just yesterday. Over the summer the little girls from up the street used the place as a "house." Even adding "stairs" to the second story...notice the boards pouded on the tree? We thought, over here at "concerned adult central" (R-i-i-i-g-h-t) that they'd fall on their heads before they finished. Smart cookies that these girls are, nearing the end of the more stable boards, they sent up the smallest of the group to nail up the smaller, unstable pieces of whatever that they found. Ah childhood. Doesn't it just take you back?

Andy is amused by how amused I am with the snow. I honestly can't help it. It's such a novelty right now. I'm sure I'll get over it sooner than later, promise!

To the right here we have Andy (in the foreground de-snowing the Corolla) and Tim (kneeling by his Subaru) getting their cars ready for the white stuff. The Corolla, that I'm sure to name before the winter is up, buahaha, is sporting brand new studded snow tires. The Subaru, being AWD and all, will just be wearing it's snow tires, no studs.

So, I'm playing with the picture placement and I'm at a loss here, forgive if it all looks funny. This last pic is of us back after AAA and after Safeway. Looks like we have an xmas tree in the next lot! Maybe the little girls will come and decorate it for us? We're about as xmasy in this house as your average Muslim. Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday, I just hate the commercialism now associated with it.

Notice there the road and driveway are no longer visible. It DUMPED while we were food-shopping. Go snow! Except when I have to walk or drive in it...tee hee.

Alrighty then. Next on my list of things to do is figure out how to post some FO pics. (That's "Finished Objects" for the non-knitters reading.) They're all "pre-blog" but I'll work 'em into a post or something I'm sure.

'sall for now. Peace out.

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