Monday, April 08, 2013

How Do I Find More Music with BIG DRUMS as a Back Beat?

Sorry, is my 80s showing?

Oh, and hand clapping.

And - not required but how awesome would it be: a young child chorus a la Pat Benetar's "We Belong?"  Oh come on, even Sigour Ros (or however its spelled) uses that gimmick and he's definitely "current" or so my facebook feeds would let me believe.  For all I know everyone I am "friends" with is as stuck in the 70s/80s as I am.  Which would why we are so friendly!  Um, yeah.

But after reviewing requests for hours at a time all I can think is that big drumbeats that I can swing my legs to (yeah, I'm not in the most ergonomic of sitting positions in my new chair, but dudes! I've got so much clearance I can swing my feet when I get all antsy!!!) keep me from running away screaming.

Except I'd have to change shoes before I took off anywhere.  I'm breaking in a new pair of what I can only describe as grown up versions of my Minnetonka Moccasin boots.  But not Minnetonka because OMG they are so very narrow now that I gave up even trying to fit my duck feet into them.  And not boots! Which means I'll be able to wear them all summer long! (Ahem, once summer gets here...)  I spent way too much money on Clarks "Originals" as they have come up with a version that is just AWESOME and shaped EXACTLY LIKE MY FOOT!  Yes, I did not pay full price, cuz um, yeah, I have baking pans I'd rather spend that money on.  Which is my version of retail therapy, apparently.

And I did. Spend money on way too many springform pans.  But it's all for the good, I think.  There are two (2!) cheesecakes sitting in my fridge as I type this!  Cuz why make one ginormous one when you can make two smaller versions?  I might be getting subliminally influenced by those car insurance commercials, "More is better!"  Which I wish was true about love handles...but we've covered this topic before.  Just a few days ago, actually.  Whatever, because baking really is my therapy, thank goodness I work in an office where people will eat what I make, because I also procured a "tube pan" for an apple cake.

I've had one piece.  Okay, one piece yesterday, one piece today.  It's not like I had ice cream for dinner....oh wait, never mind.

Anyhow, drum beats, hand-clapping, ethereal child chorus...I ask for so little, I know.

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