Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Can I Just Freeze My Mom in Carbonite?

Just for a little bit?  I mean, Han was in it for like a year with no side effects, right?

It's a case of everything happening all at once again and I'm just trying to figure out how to isolate things so I can focus and deal and then focus and deal...and then focus, and then deal...ad nauseum...

Cuz seriously?  I just clicked Cntrl+V HARDER to try to make a copy/paste dealy work faster!  I mean,  what's next?  Tapping on the teevee to make the picture clearer?  (Yeah, okay, that would necessitate my actually using the television in my place to watch something over the air instead of netflix/dvds, and that just sounds like something more to focus and deal with...and then my brain 'sploded.)

And just by the by? Titanium glasses frames are great!  You can keep going in to the eye doctor to have them readjusted (ha ha, if time allows) after every single time you fall asleep wearing them because OMG they are so light you forget they are on your face!  Until morning when you find them under your shoulder.  Or embedded into your eyeballs seeing as you decided to sleep ON YOUR FACE and they've certainly left quite an impression!  I know, sexsay!  That plus my purple night guard?  RAWR!

My left eye started twitching yesterday after my first official training in my new work capacity.  It hasn't started driving me batty simply because I just can't let it. (See 'sploding brain above.)  I am the little kid who has been thrown into the deep end of the swimming pool by their sadistic older sibling.  Or maybe the over-tired adult learner of SCUBA who is flailing at her 10 min. threading water test...in shark infested waters...AND YET I am striving to be AAAaaaauuuummmm, calm, collected, not too crazy-giggly when they drop yet another item onto my lap (either work or life related.)  Sorry, is the plastic perma-smile on my face starting to show cracking around the edges?  Maybe near my overly-attached-girlfriend-eyes?  (I promise, I'll cut back on the caffeine next week.)

Knitting is not helping.  At least not anything I'm working on at the moment - a sock, actually, that's the only thing I have right now and I'm at the heel and really?  Why can't heels be easier!!! (That crackling noise?  Just giving my neck a little side stretch you know to unstick my jaw.)  I've taken to baking cookies and/or making ice cream.  And giving them away.  I have succeeded in ditching the 15 lbs my Ralleigh VS Truck accident gave me and my hip just does not need the extra weight back, thankyouverymuch.  No matter how much chocolate sugar cookies taste like there's hardly ANY sugar in them!!!  Cuz really, the salad I've packed for lunch is plenty for me...yup.  (I promise to stop lying to myself next month.)

Ah, much better.  Thank you rant space blogger for letting me have a place to drop this off for now.

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