Monday, February 01, 2010

Lacking Unique Title...

Don't you just hate it when your browser crashes and you lose the entirety of the beginnings of a disjointed post?

Me too. Must learn to click the "SAVE NOW" button more often.

I had a great image in my head of one of those sweatshirts from the 80s that were all cut up flashdance style with the no neck, sleeves and ending all rolled up at the mid-drift. Mostly because Andy tried on the sweater I've been knitting him for the past 5 or so years and um, yeah, it ends just below his pectorals currently. No he wouldn't let me take a picture.

So yeah! I've ditched the idea of knitting myself a cardigan in favor of making Andy his sweater. And just in case you actually remember my posts about his sweater? (Here's one.) I should mention that I took the entire thing apart (again) and restarted it as a top-down raglan. Two reasons for this:
#1 As I was cleaning up my bookshelf, this pattern literally fell into my lap.

#2 This occurred the same day I may have accidentally washed Andy's store-bought (AND SUPER NICE) wool raglan sweater with my "darks." Super oops, but I have a really nice though semi-felted sweater I can wear now...

So...all coincidences aside, I thought I should get knitting. And like I said, I'm just below the separation of the arm-holes/sleeves and working down the million inches of body length...Andy is 6'3" if you all's a super long torso for which I'll be knitting for years...and don't remind me that his arms aren't stumpy or, no pictures of that, but here, I'll show you what I gave him for Twelfth Night instead:

Some-a body was a good boy:
Does anyone else do the gift-in-the-shoe thing for el Dia de Los Reyes/Twelfth Night? No? Well, it was a great place to put gifted socks, lemme tell ya :). And yes, those might be Hello Kitty

Here's another picture:
I could tell you yarn and pattern details...but it took me so long to make these that I have seriously forgotten...US 1 needles you see. Size 13 shoe... Or maybe twelve. At a certain point I don't think it matters much. It's Lornas Laces in Forest...I think. I want to say it was a Twin Rib stitch for the leg over 80 stitches. Boring heels and toes as I've not bought any new sock books since the first Sensational one. I just love that they almost match.

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Bezzie said...

Size 13 and US1s? Someone WAS a good boy!