Sunday, November 15, 2009

Staycation or Sick Leave...That is the Question

Have I mentioned I've never had the chicken pox?

On Wednesday AM we were let known someone in the building had come down with them. I was told I couldn't even know what floor they were on, but really how likely would it be that I'd been in contact with them? (!?!)

Are you kidding? You are kidding, right? Hello? Accounts Payable just before the closing of the month sees more faces, paper, and interaction with everyone in the building than the public bathroom near the Space Needle! (Okay, maybe I exaggerate.)

Hello yesterday...I stayed in bed pretty much all day:
- Low grade fever.
- No energy.
- And yeah, I'm kinda itching a couple spots where neither my psoriasis nor my pityriasis rosea have ever been...
- BUT, sniffly as all get out.

So, it could be anything! Personally, since I didn't wake up covered in spots today, I'm leaning more toward stress rash + sinus infection from the 40 year old dust that was blasted over us during the confetti cannons at the They Might Be Giants concert + maybe standing in the rain and cold and wind after midnight at my age and not getting enough sleep might make me catch one of the million colds out there right now + IT'S MY VACATION I WILL NOT BE SICK! = Me in a very bad mood.

But I am just back from the outside (!), armed with Aveno Anti-Itchy Baby Bath stuff (I could not find the adult version), just in case.

For some reason I have it in my head that if I succumb to something, it'll be tomorrow, cuz you know, that would be my first day of vacation and all. Not that I made the best time/weather choice as the Pineapple Express is supposed to hit us full force then...

If bad things come in threes, um, universe? What's it gonna be? Or am I being to brazen to ask?


Bezzie said...

EEEE! I hope you didn't jinx it asking!!! Hub never had CP either...they made him get immunized at work. Maybe if this pans out to just be a cold you could so the same?

rita said...

Ooooooh, don't ask!!!