Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11-10-09...Countdown Day...

Okay, I'm a big dork, and get a kick out of the silliness of numbers sometimes.

I guess last year's 10-09-08 was more melodic, but um, I remembered today's today, so there.

And we are counting down very important things this time around:
- I'm leaving work early to go get the apartment ready for visitors
- We're going to THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS tonight!!!
- I'm playing Seattle Tourist (tm) ALL, NEXT, WEEK

Yep, staycation here I come.

I can't wait! I've got a list of things I'm going to do, but only one per day, cuz I am also very lazy and what's a vacation that doesn't involve sleeping in and having time to chill?

So far I want to:
- Take the Seattle Underground Tour
- If it's clear, go up the Space Needle
- If it's not pouring, go to the zoo
- If I can convince Andy to come with me, go wine tasting
- Do the Theo's Chocolate Factory Tour

And in the PM/AM rest of the day? Get my xmas shopping done and over with.

Small goals, really.

If you've done the Seattle tourist thing? Or ever wanted to be a tourist in Seattle? What would you want to do? I need alternatives due to that silly WEATHER thing we have here.


Bezzie said...

Dude, I want you to be my tour guide! We did Gasworks Park, the Aquarium and of course Pikes Market...and UW....but only b/c that's where my host lived!

Cindy said...

Book a tour at Theo's now!! They are booked out almost a week in advance these days. We tried to go on Sat. but no luck.