Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Hello Summer!

Yes, must be going mad if I'm addressing the seasons now.

Right.  Well.  Let's pretend it hasn't been 4 months and jump right in.

Technology is awesome sometimes.  I am sitting here watching my 10 year old computer (a mac mini, the smallest computer I thought I'd ever own, you know, before my cell phone ended up with a faster processor and hard drive) copy onto a 32 gig usb drive that is smaller than my thumbnail.  Heh, it's a thumbnail drive!

I'm only copying off the music.  (Oh? My invisible internet readers ask, whyeverfor?  Okay, you probably don't really talk like that but I might have been watching too much Michael Mcintyre recently and he does, so now you do...)

See, I'm upgrading vehicles.  My new one, apparently, does not come with a CD player.  I know, right?  What is this world coming to!  Technology is silly sometimes too...but worry not new car owner, you can just connect your fancy fone (tm) to the car and viola!  You can become one of the Borg and meld with us (okay, way too many multiple and bad sci-fi references).


  1. I was raised on all those Terminator films and I purposefully chose NOT to install skynet in my new car.  I know, I know, I am a luddite and the machines will hunt me down for my punishment...so why make it so easy for them to find me and my escape vehicle?
  2. Also, my fancy fone is going on 3 years too old.  I (gasp) use it to make phone calls, text, and navigate my way out of a paper sack, because I was not born with any sense of direction, and yes, play music.  Four things, only ONE of which can happen at a time because going on 3 years too old...given that I'll be using my car to, you know, get places, and see above no KIT car advances, I'm going to keep relying on my lovely google maps to tell me which left to take.
So!  In comes the USB.  Because the stereo is determined to be smarter than my phone, or something, apparently I can just load all my music onto it, and plug and play happens.  Yes, the future really is NOW.

So I've been sitting here watching the progress bar slowly slide across...I had NO IDEA how much music I owned.  This is only what I digitized 10 years ago, mind.  Somewhere along the way I uploaded different music onto the laptop that "replaced" my mini (it's still good as a dvd player, but not much else.)  Stage two will be to sort and delete.  And yeah, while I waited I thought maybe I'd update the world - still here.  Still knitting!  Still studying.  Life is good, promise.


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