Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Vacations for Everyone!

The good news is that the person covering for me did not dump everything she didn't get to back on my plate the moment I got back.

The bad news is that the temp, whose contract ended while I was out, did not do the work I assigned her while I was gone...and this wasn't found out until just now...days before our next set of deadlines.  Um, "yey."  (If you can read that in that small voice Cyril - form Archer uses?  Yeah, that's me right now...)

The really really bad news is that I am jet-lagged.  But for why you  might ask?  Because I've been living in THE FUTURE for the last three weeks.  And time travel is no joke.  Just ask my addled system that, though the sun is SHINING IN MY FACE, is utterly convinced it really is the middle of the night tomorrow.  This must be what it's like to go through a summer in the upper latitudes, you know, where the sun doesn't go down?  Yeah.  I understand now.  Not that I ever thought I needed to.

And yet!  I think everyone needs a multi-week vacation.  It is fantabulous!  The whole not being at work?  It takes a whole week for your body to just get used to not being at work!  It's that second week that you finally relax and remember what it feels like for your shoulders to NOT be stuck to the bottom of your earlobes!  It's week three that I started checking work emails...but only, you know, when there was both internet AND down time.  The two did not coincide very often.  Not complaining too much.

And where did I go?  Down under.  And I did not die!

Will I survive this jet lag thing though?  Still remains to be seen.  Must.Find.Caffeine.

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