Saturday, May 26, 2012


If you've ever had the need/want to type "grrr" using IOS 5 on your spiffy smartphone, you know you've texted this word more than once, at least.  And titling a post "Grrr" just well...I'll stop explaining.  But it made me giggle just now...and that made my life at least 1% less stressful....and every bit counts.

And the cottonwoods are blooming...and I think I might be allergic to the state of Washington...or moldy basements, who knows!

Bottom line?  I so want to note all the stuff that happend during my trip down to LA la land in May...cuz that was like almost a month ago now...or it will be in a few very short days...but my head wants to 'splode.  But soon!  Promise!

*So really it's more Andy and Lev's in-joke but I'm going to use it as it works for me today.

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