Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh Dear...

You know that awful feeling you get when you realize that the notes you scribbled onto your stickie notes pad at work for your next blog post are actually not in your jacket pocket but possibly still somewhere on your desk? Maybe in a place where someone will read them and wonder just what insanities are really going through your head and maybe bra sizes and imaginary lasers attached to your glasses are not the most appropriate things to write about in an accounting department and did I mention insanity? Combined with why do we let this person handle our money?

Yep. That feeling.

It's just awful isn't it?

Instead I will distract myself and my mounting hypertension with a cup of chamomile tea and this lovely picture I got of the shadow of the Smith Tower...whose pewter rendition is in the previous post. The pyramid/triangle (in 2-d) portion is actually an apartment. The walkway where I was standing is at the base of the triangle.

Happy Sunday!


Beth said...

Great photo! I looked through the photo gallery and read part of the article - very interesting! Must be a pain to get groceries to the apartment. :)

Kaye said...

Hahahahaha! Yeah. My meeting doodles are like that. I recently found a steno pad that I had lost that had migrated up a floor. Lord I hope no one read that!