Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Ba-a-ck...

And so hating life at hours this early in the AM knowing I have to actually go to work today.

And it's the last week of the year an the last week at the current site (the whole kit and caboodle is moving starting FRIDAY) and it's all just hitting me now.

AND OF COURSE I didn't start any office packing before I left for LA, hello? Have we been introduced?

Okay, enough negativity...time to get out there and at least pretend a bit of productivity.

(Yes, maybe I am a bit more Pollyanna than I used to be in high school...I still wear the same amount of black though.)


Beth said...

Good luck with the moving!

Bezzie said...

Push out the jive bring in the love! This mantra works for me...for about five minutes before I get pissy again. But hey, 5 minutes is five minutes! Good luck!