Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'd Rather be Munching on Cheesey Poofs

This is one of those meandering posts as I have too much in my head just now:

- Do they not have crosswalks in Idaho?
I was behind a driver with Idaho plates my entire way to work the other morning and either they were in so much of a hurry that they felt stopping in the middle of each and every crosswalk at every stop light would somehow put them at their destination in a more timely manner, or they don't stop behind the crosswalks in Idaho.

I'm not here to judge their driving, I know that Southern Californians (I was one, I'm a little better now) are infamous for their "rolling" stops and utter disregard of crosswalks when they're about to make a right turn.

But making the pedestrians walk around your car at each stoplight? You're just asking for trouble Ms. Idaho Red Station Wagon.

- This was a sleepy thought I had that was meandering it itself...As I was cutting up my banana for my cheerie-O's this AM, I realized that this would not be a banana my niece would eat, as she doesn't care for the ones with the overly dark seeds in the middle. This is a challenge for my mom as you just don't know what you're going to get until you start slicing up a banana, so I convinced her to just cut out the middle when we were prepping my niece's plate of Mexican Rice.

That's right. Cool, sweet, banana on just made, warm-not-hot Mexican Rice is the bomb. But I don't know where this um, combination came from. I mean, my older brother and I used to eat our rice using Fritos as utensils and then there was the eating fresh-out-of-the-pot beans with toothpicks. I do know that is not normal, trust me, we don't eat in public like that.

But at my mom's house? Rice and bananas is the norm. Do other Mexican households eat their rice that way? I've googled it, and found nothing, in English at any rate, I didn't try it in Spanish as I didn't want my work machine to change languages on me. It tends to do this all on its own. Maybe someone out there knows? Or has found me because you google/bing-ed the same thing?

- That period of time between putting in your notice of non-renewal of lease, and signing your new lease? It's kinda scary. I feel homeless. And scared. What if something happens and the apartment isn't really ours? What if they change the rent rate between our putting in our application and signing the papers? Our current place has already started showing our apartment (oh more on that...) and the last thing I want to do is walk hat-in-my-hands to ask for more time.

- We do not live in the most, shall we say, popular of the units. I have described the 24-hr lab whose windows face ours all across our BIG PICTURE WINDOW? Yeah, quite a view. Add to that the box hell that we are living with right now? Not what I'd consider for the Better Homes layout.

Yet, they want to show the place to prospective tenants! Why would you show the place at its worst? How are you going to get the overpriced rent that way? Moronic. Yes, we did say we didn't mind people looking, but we also said we'll be packing and in the middle of moving. It's not like we told them we'd have it all perfect to show. It's not like we're breaking our lease and it's in our best interest to get it rented before we move out. Maybe they've confused us with someone else, I dunno. I do know I am one tired and sore old lady. And my knees still hurt.

- Because I fell down the stairs at work. I think I forgot to mention this bit.

It's been a couple weeks now. The swelling is almost all gone, but the bruises are still appearing. It's a little disconcerting when the sickly teal-ish color is superseded/overlapped by an even more disturbing purple splotch.

No, I was not running, nor was I rushing. I was even holding the handrail. This tweaked my thumb more than anything. I don't know how it happened either, one second I'm walking down the stairs and the next my knees are being crunched on the steps, and then elbow, and my hip, and my backside, and my ankles are bruised too so they joined the fun...but I didn't hit my it wasn't a full on somersault, but close enough.

Yes, this makes packing even more fun. But I'm not lifting anything.

- If you can afford a moving company? Do it.

I've saved my pennies (okay all my change and any extra dollar or seven that I'd budgeted for the week) all last year for this (the last time Andy spoke about giving up our fabulous view/finding some place better). This was pre-the last bike accident even. I just pictured myself trying to get Andy's couch out of the door and right then and there decided that I would be willing to pay someone for my NOT having to do it. Just how much depended on how long I had to save.

I almost gave up my dream before finding the moving company a co-worker recommended. I'll let you know who they are after the move. You know, just in case.

Okay, back to work with me...

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Bezzie said...

Hee hee, we used to roast mini marshmallows on lightbulbs with toothpicks in the winter. Mom used to wonder why the lamp always smelled like burning sugar. Hee hee!