Monday, October 16, 2006

I Need to Buy a Car

Like yesterday.

I'm about to lose my wheels, which I've been expecting for eons really. What kind of car should I get? Anyone have any favorites? Me? I've only ever owned two cars, ever. My first, a 66 Mustang, is still sitting in my mom's car port.

My second, an 89 Camry, tooling around the Santa Cruz/Moss Landing area with a good friend.

I've been beg-borrow-or stealing since...but it's time.

Any suggestions?


Bezzie said...

Sounds bad, but I'd stay away from GM. How unamerican of me, I know.

Beth said...

I drive a Honda Accord. My last car was an Accord, too. They're not fancy, but they are reliable and last a long time. I would recommend NOT getting the champagne color (beige-ish). I like it, but sometimes I feel like I'm invisible on the road. At times, people don't seem to see me. Maybe I'd have that trouble in a car of any color. By the way, you should post a picture of your Mustang!

keohinani said...

i'm partial to japanese models myself; hondas & toyotas. not much help, i know, but my boyfriend drives a honda element and my friends drive that scion-looks-like-a-cardboard-box-on-wheels looking thing. those aren't too bad and pretty cost effective. if you're gonna go chevy, get a truck.