Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Right, Updating

I've been listening to Steven Briggs read me the Tiffany Aching Terry Pratchett Novels and my first thought was to re-use the Granny Weatherwax "I Aint'nt Dead" title...but then my second thoughts kicked in...(heh)

What?  You haven't read this series?  (Had it read to you? Audio books, how I adore thee.)  Get ye to a library, STAT!  These are such a must read/listen.  I'm going to send the Wee Free Men to my niece this Xmas, I think.  I /really/ hope she likes it...it would make my Terry-Pratchett-reading heart swell.  But not too much, I hear that's a disease in real life.  And there is news there might be a fifth book coming!!!  (Squee!)  Except I'm forty and we don't squee.  Yes.  Right. Ahem.

So yeah, what news....people I have nothing.  I'm in some sort of funk.  I'm really tired too.  Yep, still haven't caught up with that whole sleep thing.  Working full time and taking one bloody class?  I do not know how people do it.  Or maybe they take ones that don't require 15 page research papers and such?  Oh my yes.  Multiple weekly homework assignments, extra reading, MATHS PROBLEMS, and now a freakin' research paper that was not presented as such - it was described as a 15 min. group presentation (yep, group work, good god how I abhor group work) with power point slides.  How this = RESEARCH paper, I have no idea.

Right, so yeah, still in school.  For now.  I did pass last quarter with a much higher grade than expected and then signed up for the WRONG TEACHER entirely for my needs for the "part two" class.  If all I were doing was this class I still don't think I'd have enough time to do the work in a way she expects it.  I'm burning the candle at both ends and am melting up the middle to see if I can do it there too.  If I were smug I'd say I aced the first test but OMG there was no "ace."  It was very hard work.  I made myself sick worrying about it.  I think I need to take next quarter off.  Seriously.  If my first quarter teacher isn't teaching part three?  Yeah, fuggetaboutit.  I yield.  Uncle.

I've put it on the interwebs, so I really must mean it.

And hello to you all and happy new year!  And who knows when I'll sneak some time to do this again soon...heh.